27 January 2009


I'm a firm believer in opening with a bang, whether in a manuscript, presentation, or class lecture, so my first entry in this blog got right to the point. The organizational-compulsive in me, however, can't help but set out a few goals for this blog.

What I hope to accomplish with this blog

1. Interactions with other like-minded (and un-like-minded!) people in a safe forum - I'm blogging under the pseudonym RoboFemme almost exclusively for this reason. I'd like to put my blog out there for others to explore (see next point) but I also want a place where I can be a bit more free about what I choose to gripe about, without fear of repercussions in my normal life.*

2. Share my unique perspective and expertise (as it develops) with others - Although it seems like there are no women in technical fields, I know we are out there. I'd love to raise others' awareness about women in technical sciences, and to encourage other women who are following similar paths. I'd like to credit FemaleScienceProfessor with encouraging me in a similar way and inspiring this blog.

3. a) Improve my writing skills - The best way to become a better writer (programmer, artist, etc.) is to keep practicing. I hope this blog helps me improve my writing, both for casual pieces and for science writing.
3. b) Have an outlet for creative writing - Technical manuscripts can be a drag to write. I hope to use this blog as a forum for posting some more casual musings that will help release some creative urges.

4. Hear my own voice - Or at least read it. I mean, let's be honest.

* There are all kinds of rules/guidelines/thoughts about blogging pseudonymically; some of them can be found on Abel Pharmboy's Pseudonymity Laboratory. I am open to additional suggestions and advice. If you have an anonymous or pseudonymic blog, how do you manage it? What rules do you have to keep from revealing too much?

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