24 April 2009

New Beginnings

Last week (my, has it only been a week?) I made the Big Grad School Decision. I'm still coming to terms with this, as it finalizes such a large part of my life for the next 5 (....6 .....8.....) years. Today, however, I enabled my new university email address and giggled a little to myself when I saw my name with "@new-gradschool.edu" after it.

Now that I'm going to a new school, I'm going to have to figure out what to call it. MRU is pretty standard, but I want some creative name for this new place. That's going to take more brain-space than I have right now.

Wow, I really thought I had it in me to write a blog entry today, but I'm absolutely crashing from a really stressful day of thesis writing. I'll post this now, and maybe I'll have the energy (or urge for procrastination) to come back to this later.


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